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Sunday Bumday

Foxy Monroe, Minerva Stone, Dahlia De Lis, Minou Montclair, Takillya Sunrise, Lucille Doll, and Lua Mystique

Hooray for fun shoots! Camellia Bay Burlesque contacted me a while ago in regards to some promo shoots they needed and of course I happily accepted. Mind you we got a late start but all the fun we had made up for everything. Oh, and did I mention the venue?! Can you say O...M...G? Because WOW! Bella Sera is such an amazing place. Inside or outside, doesn't matter because wherever you are on that property is completely gorgeous. Mind you we didn't get to do too much outside because of the rain. But there's always next time! In the mean time enjoy some of the pictures I took and a little lesson on the art of tease aka burlesque.

Burlesque. Some know the concept while others know the movie and of course there are some that don't know it at all. But when and where did burlesque come about? American burlesque shows were originally a spin off of Victorian burlesque. The English genre had been successfully staged in New York from the 1840s, and it was popularized by a visiting British burlesque troupe, Lydia Thompson and the "British Blondes", beginning in 1868.

Okay, so know that we know when and where, how about what. What is burlesque? Well, in layman's terms it's a variety show, typically including striptease. But now it's considered more of an art form.

That's the short and skinny really. If you're more interested google a local show and see what you think!

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